Wildlife Inventories and Management

Our biologists and technicians have in-depth knowledge of birds, bats, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, large wildlife and game animals, marine mammals, fish, invertebrates, rare, endangered, or vulnerable plant and animal species, invasive alien species, wildlife habitat and wetlands.

We prepare survey and study protocols specific to your project area and regulatory requirements so that the inventory results support selecting the best location for your project infrastructure and evaluating their impacts.

Our professionals are flexible and efficient. They adapt their methods to the local environments, conditions and seasons of inventories. Our team uses our fleet of boats, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and specialized equipment: infrasound detectors, sonars, underwater videos, and electric fishing.

Our team:

  • develops protocols and carries out inventories;
  • quantifies the diversity and abundance of species and populations;
  • characterizes and assesses habitats, migration corridors and areas of concentration;
  • carries out inventories of special status species (at risk, threatened or vulnerable) and invasive alien species;
  • develops habitat management, protection, and compensation plans;
  • develops fish habitat restoration plans, including salmon;
  • develops fisheries resource management plans;
  • realizes and supervises the development and restoration of habitats in terrestrial, wetland and aquatic environments;
  • prepares permit and authorization applications.