Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

We work with you at every stage of your project, according to an approach that prioritizes environmental issues and focuses on achieving social and environmental acceptability and obtaining your regulatory approvals. 

Our team has completed more that 40 environmental and social impact assessments over the last 13 years, in addition to project notices, baseline studies and public consultation activities.

Our team:

  • prepares the impact assessment and the baseline studies in accordance with regulatory requirements and guidelines;
  • supports the development of your communication plans, strategies and tools for communicating the impact assessment status, process and results;
  • integrates environmental, social, and economic issues and benefits into your studies;
  • carries out characterization studies and inventories;
  • identifies and assesses the impacts of your project on the environment;
  • recommends mitigation measures and solutions to avoid, reduce and minimize negative impacts and enhance positive effects;
  • helps you to design your project according to the local and regional environment conditions;
  • characterizes the acoustic environment and models the impacts;
  • characterizes the landscape, performs visual simulations and analyzes impacts;
  • prepares and implements environmental monitoring programs;
  • develops prevention, contingency, and emergency response plans;
  • plans and organizes public consultations and community relations;
  • trains your team for public consultations and hearings;
  • acts as an expert during public hearings.