Health and safety

Our professionals work according to proven and safe methods in all conditions and are specifically trained to meet your safety standards. They are certified in First Aid/CPR and First Aid in remote areas, which many projects require.

Our safety measures are adapted to working during extreme weather conditions, possible allergic and anaphylactic reactions, the use of electro-fishing equipment, helicopter and watercraft trips, and diving work.

Our emergency communication and response plan is effective and proven. Our field staff is equipped with SPOT systems to transmit the location in real time and send an emergency message. One respondent is assigned to each team in the field to check-in and ensure that they return home daily.

Rigorous training is provided to equip employees and ensure their safety and that of members of the public in the area. Whether it's using snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, boats, trucks and light vehicles or trailers, safety is our priority.

Our vehicles are equipped with environmental emergency response kits and a "survival bin" containing a First Aid kit and forest First Aid and survival gear.

Health and safety