Social Acceptability

When your project raises interest or concern in the community, our analysis of social issues helps you identify common interests and build a lasting relationship of trust with stakeholders. 

Our team offers a structured approach to the social acceptability of your project. Our solutions, at every stage of your project, focus on establishing and maintaining stakeholder trust. Our strategies and communication tools are adapted to meet your needs and context. 

Our team: 

  • anticipates the elements of your project that may raise environmental concerns; 
  • analyzes your project and proposes mitigation measures to avoid, reduce or minimize environmental impacts; 
  • develops your communication plan and strategies;
  • helps you build and maintain stakeholder relationships;
  • plans and supports your meetings, public consultation activities, open houses, working groups and other consultation activities;
  • creates and leads stakeholder working groups;
  • conducts information and consultation sessions;
  • measures the effectiveness and success of your approach and the evolution of social acceptability.

Your role as the developer is crucial. The role of stakeholders is equally important in ensuring the success of your project. We will support you in achieving this success, respecting the roles of all project stakeholders.