Monitoring and Follow-up

Our team provides environmental monitoring of your activities with a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and your commitments. We anticipate environmental issues, evaluate mitigation or remediation measures and propose effective solutions that comply with regulations and requirements and meet the mandated timelines. 

Our supervisors work in industrial, natural, terrestrial and marine environments. For example, our biologists have more than 5 years of experience monitoring marine mammals near construction sites and using bubble curtains to reduce the spread of sound waves in the aquatic environment.

Our professionals manage the follow-up required by your permits, authorizations and approvals in the following categories: fauna and flora, water and soil quality, acoustics, landscape, agriculture, economic and social benefits.

Our team:

  • develops monitoring and follow-up programs, including workplace health and safety protocols and emergency plans;
  • prepares permit and authorization applications;
  • offers environmental solutions to contractors and regulatory agencies;
  • recommends mitigation and impact compensation measures;
  • inspects infrastructure and works, and documents compliance;
  • documents follow-up results;
  • notifies and follow up with the responsible authorities in case of environmental emergencies.