Hydrological studies

Climate change increases the frequency of floods and the risk of bank erosion and can reveal new water management issues. Our professionals support you with the implementation of simple, effective and sustainable solutions adapted to your specific requirements and changes to your environment. 

Our team guides you in your decisions and actions that are compliant with water related laws and regulations. 

Our services include: 

  • Flood and flood zone analysis; 
  • Numerical modeling of sediment flow and transport; 
  • Delineation of the high-water line; 
  • Measurement and estimation of in-stream flow; 
  • Bathymetric surveys; 
  • Sampling and analysis of the quality of surface and groundwater; 
  • Design of bridges and culverts; 
  • Design of bank stabilization works and realization of plans and specifications; 
  • Permit and authorization requests; 
  • Hydraulic studies; 
  • Determination of the consequences of a dam failure; 
  • Sedimentary dynamics study; 
  • Analysis of the frequency of rainfall and flood discharge; 
  • Drainage plans.