GIS Services

Our state-of-the-art tools are at your service according to your specific needs: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, modeling software, and high-precision GPS. Through field experience and collaboration with environmental assessment professionals, our geomatics team understands and responds to your needs.

Our team:

  • understands the databases associated with your project; 
  • helps you configure and design your project respecting the physical, biological and human environments; 
  • analyzes and compares project scenarios and cases;
  • develops clear thematic maps to illustrate complex or numerous issues;
  • photo-interprets terrain, forest stands, wetlands and land use;
  • models the soundscape;
  • illustrates the impact on the landscape by visual simulations;
  • processes LiDAR data and manages the corresponding images;
  • creates 3D models and video simulations;
  • plans routes and trails according to topography and hydrography;
  • assesses your cut and fill requirements;
  • offers large format printing service.