Our professionals support you in developing the communication tools for your project engagement and consultation programs. The plans, strategies and actions that we propose allow you to establish the communications, the social acceptability, and the overall success of your project. 

The relationship of trust is built between the developer and the public stakeholders during respectful exchanges over time.

Our team approaches consultation and engagement with enthusiasm and authenticity. We respect your public stakeholders, your needs and goals, and can help you identify them.

Our team:

  • targets your public and your goals and searches for the best plan and the best communication strategies adapted to your specific needs;
  • determines and develops the appropriate methods of communication;
  • offers you concise and effective messages that highlight your project, your interest, and your vision;
  • organizes and coordinates communication activities: open houses, public consultation sessions, stakeholder meetings, roundtables;
  • monitors media releases about your project;
  • develops and provides training and communication advice to your team for public events.